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Compositing of Live Action & Animation • Roto Mask, Matte, Key, Retouche, Wire/Rig Removal, Set Extensions, CGI, Effects Animation, Titles, Motion Graphics, Editing and Conversions.

THE SUBSTITUTE / VIKAREN (2007). Thura Film / Radar Film. Director: Ole Bornedal. Cinematography: Dan Laustsen. — This scene was shot on location against a cloudy skyline. To insert the cgi cloudportal behind main antagonist, Paprika Steen, her entire silhouette and windy hair was rotomasked frame-by-frame.

Post / VFX / Tech Supervision • Script & Visual Language Consulting • Story-Scene-Shot Logic, Timing and Composition, Advanced Montage, Research, Storyboarding.

VALHALLA. Ice cream commercial. Diplom Is / RadarFX (2005). — Originally done in Danish, but audio for a Swedish version was recorded, and I was given the task to change lip sync from Danish to Swedish.